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About Amy

I am a small business, woman-owned wedding and event florist located in Northern Virginia. I love working with flowers because flowers are much like people. Each and every flower (and person!) has something special to add and is beautiful in it's own unique way. My background is in business, finance and tech, but I have been a creative for as long as I can remember!  My style can be described as garden whimsy with a touch of modern.  I am soo thankful to work with my clients and I am especially grateful to those who've trusted me with flowering their special day!

Spring 2024 Chapel Designers Hope Flower Farm

The Details

So how does this work, you might ask.  Once we have confirmed availability for your date, we schedule a free consultation call. This is where I get to know you and gather information on your overall vision, color palette, inspiration photos, goals, arrangements needed, and so forth.  From there I build a quote tailored to these details. Once the proposal is accepted, contract signed and deposit paid, we are officially official!

If you are looking for a passionate florist to bring your wedding flower dreams to life, click below to check availability for your date!

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